Extensionaire is run by dedicated, determined and passionate TEAM of Women. Extensionaire loves hair!

We have almost everything you might want to know about Extnsionaire and our hair extensions on our website. Bu if you still cant find what you are looking for then simply pop us an email on info@extensionaire.co.za OR WhatsApp us on 060 550 4560 with your question. Our friendly team at customer support is more then happy to answer all your questions 😉

Wholesale/Stockist Registration:

Email us your salon name, physical address, landline number, your full name & cell phone number to sales@extensionaire.co.za. We will then send you our Wholesale Registration form. Upon completion an email will be sent with our wholesale prices.

A login will be created for you on our website to view your order details and tracking information.

Customer Support

Need help? Need aftercare advice?

Please send an email to one of our customer care specialists help@extensionaire.co.za

Colour Matching

Send us two photos of your hair on WhatsApp or email. The photos must be taken indoors in natural light and the other in sunlight. We will recomend the closest colour we have in stock.

Choosing a color for your hair extensions can seem like a challenge. You may be unsure what color your natural hair really is, or you might be wondering what color actually suits you best. Extensionaire has tried to make the choice as easy as possible for you.
We offer a large selection of different colors, our extensions are coloured with a multi-tonal adapt coloring system, which means that there are subtle highlights and lowlights, lighter strands and darker strands throughout each set. This gives the shades movement, dimension, and depth. It also ensures that the hair extensions blend with your natural hair even if your hair color is a few shades off.
We have made every effort to ensure accurate colour display on our website, however, we can not guarantee a 100% match. If you are still uncertain, you can send us two photos of your hair. The photos must be taken indoors in natural light (next to a window, NO SUNLIGHT) and the other outdoors in sunlight.
You can mail us on help@extensionaire.co.za OR WhatsApp one of our customer care specialists on 060 550 4560 . They will give advice and assistance in finding the hair color that is perfect for you!